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Job Opportunities

These positions are currently open for local applications. If you are interested in positions for U.S. Citizens, Click Here.

Click here to download DS-174 Employment Application Form

Positions Based in Kabul Province
Position Announcement Number Deadline Date
Customs Assistant (FSN-08) (PDF 140KB) 14-071 May 06, 2014
Accounting Technician (FSN-08) (PDF 140KB) 14-072 May 05, 2014
Pay Liaison Assistant (FSN-07) (PDF 140KB) 14-070 Open until filled
Warehouse Supervisor (FSN-08) (PDF 220KB) 14-069 April 30, 2014
Auditor (FSN-10) (PDF 270KB) 14-068 April 30, 2014
Facilities Maintenance Assistant/Work Control (FSN-6) (PDF 140KB) 14-067 Open until filled
Contract Management Assistant (FSN-08) (PDF 270KB) 14-065 April 28, 2014
INL Program Assistant (FSN-08) (PDF 200KB) 14-057 Open until filled
Cultural Affairs Specialist (FSN-10) (PDF 140KB) 14-063 April 26, 2014
Program Management Specialist (FSN-10) (PDF 140KB) 14-062 April 24, 2014
Human Resources Assistant/Recruiter (FSN-08) (PDF 200KB) 14-060 Open till filled
Accounting Technician (FSN-08) (PDF 200KB) 14-056 Open till filled
Human Resources Assistant (FSN-07) (PDF 200KB) 14-052 Open till filled
Human Resources Assistant (FSN-08) (PDF 200KB) 14-042 Open till filled
Voucher Examiner (FSN-07) (PDF 205KB) 14-044 Open till filled
ORE - Maid/Housekeeper (PDF 99KB) 14-028 Open till filled
Travel Supervisor (FSN-10) (PDF 135KB) 14-001 Open till filled
Surveillance Detection Guard  (FSN-04) (PDF 85KB) 13-229 Open till filled
Protocol Assistant (FSN-08) (PDF 198KB) 13-211 Open till filled
Supervisory Security Investigator  (FSN-09) (PDF 189KB) 13-144 Open till filled
Security Investigator  (FSN-08) (PDF 189KB) 13-141 Open till filled
Positions Based in Herat Province
Position Announcement Number Deadline Date
SD Guard (FSN-04) (PDF 145KB) 14-066 Open until filled
Positions Based in Balkh Province
Position Announcement Number Deadline Date
Public Affairs Assistant (FSN-09) (PDF 145KB) 14-061 Open until filled
Administrative Clerk (FSN-06) (PDF 145KB) 14-059 Open until filled

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