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Visas & Duration of Stay in the U.S.

Expiration Date of Visa:

The visa expiration date indicates the date when one can no longer seek permission to enter the United States. This date, however, does not indicate the length of time you can stay in the United States.

Duration of Stay: 

The term “duration of stay” refers to the amount of time you are allowed to remain in the United States. When you arrive in America, an officer of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) decides your “duration of stay”. The decision is based upon the type of visa you hold, the purpose of your entry into the United States and the length of time thought necessary to accomplish your purpose. The date of expiration on your visa has no effect on the length of time you are granted for duration of stay. In theory, you could seek entry into the United States on the day of your visa’s expiration and be granted by DHS a one month duration of stay.  What is important is that you seek permission to enter the United States before your visa expires. 

Please note: Most visas issued to Afghan citizens are single-entry visas. This means that, using this visa, one can request entry into the United States only once. Moreover, a single-entry visa requires one to apply for a new visa each time one wants to visit the United States. 

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