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Useful Internet Links

Useful Internet Links

We have compiled a large collection of websites of interest to teachers and students.

Websites of interest to teachers and learners

• All Words.Com
• The American Heritage Dictionary
• Dictionaries, thesauri, acronyms
• Foreign Word
• Merriam-Webster OnLine
• Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary Online
• Your Dictionary
• Google Translate (by sentence or a text)

• English Language Guide
• Road to Grammar
• The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
• Dr. Grammar
• ESL Study Hall: Grammar
• ESL Standards for Pre-K-12 Students
• English Grammar The Easy Way
• Grammar Bytes!
• Grammar Slammer
• Guide To Grammar and Writing
• The Internet TESL Journal
• Online English Grammar

• ESL Study Hall: Listening
• Randall´s ESL Cyber Listening Lab

Professional Organizations
• American Association for Applied Linguistics
• Office of English Language Programs (U.S. State Dept.)
• TESOL Online

• ESL Study Reading
• The Internet TESL Journal

• Phonetics: The Sounds of English and Spanish - The University of Iowa
• VOA: Pronunciation Guide

• Dave´s ESL Cafe
• Dictionary.Com
• ESL Study Hall: Writing
• The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing
• Your Dictionary

• Dave´s ESL Cafe
• ESL Study Hall: Grammar
• ESL Study Hall: Listening
• ESL Study Hall: Reading
• ESL Study Hall: U.S. Culture
• ESL Study Hall: Vocabulary
• ESL Study Hall: Writing
• ESL Web Guide
• English Club
• English Page
• The Internet TESL Journal
• Learners Online
• Online English Language Center
• Real English
• Selected Links for ESL & EFL Students

• FORUM Magazine from the Office of English Language Programs (U.S. Dept of State)
• Dave´s ESL Cafe
• ESL Lessons
• Handouts for Classroom Use
• Internet: Teaching with the Web
• Online English Language Center for teachers
• Teachers Net Lesson Exchange: Lesson Plans
• Teaching Techniques
• Tips for Teachers

Testing Sites
• NEW!!! YouTube TOEFL videos
• Materials to Prepare IELTS Speaking Test
• Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

Specialty Websites
• English Interactive
• ELT Games
• Sound of English
• VOA Special English 
• English for the Internet: On-line school for grammar, listening, writing, TOEFL, Business etc.
• About: English as a Second Language
• Applied Linguistics Without Tears: An Online Reference
• Center for Applied Linguistics 
• Directory of English Language Schools in the United States
• English as a Foreign Language Publication Catalog
• FORUM Online English Teaching Forum (U.S. State Dept.)
• Global English
• The Internet Acronym Server
• Materials for Teaching and Learning
• TESL: Linguistics 
• Top English Teaching 

Other resources
• ESL Cafe on the Web: Dave Sperling's regularly updated Cafe is among the most widely visited English language sites on the Web.

• Digital Education Network: Hosts a range of ELT organizations, and offers a wide range of links and ELT-related information.

• IATEFL: As well as general information on IATEFL, has links to the Web pages of all the IATEFL SIGs.

• Internet TESL Journal: In addition to its role as a monthly journal, this site gives access to over 1500 regularly updated ESL\EFL links.

• Linguistic Funland TESL Page: A large number of links, regularly updated.

• Planet English (TESOL): Major site from TESOL, with links, chatlinechat line, message service etc.

• Babel Fish Translation
• ClassBrain
• Edufin
• English Zone
• Free Translation
• Learn English Kids
• RHL School, Free Teaching Resources
• ESL Loop: A collection of 50 + sites relevant to ELT on the Web.
• NEW!!! VoiceNation - Ultimate ESL Subject Guide

If you would like to suggest a website, please drop a line us at:

Forum Magazine

The English Teaching Forum, a journal for English teachers outside the United States, is published four times a year (January, April, July and October). There is an on-line edition of the Forum at
You can submit your articles as well by following these instructions. To be considered for publication, manuscripts should be typed, double-spaced, and have margins of at least three centimeters. They should also be accompanied by a statement indicating whether they have been submitted for publication elsewhere. Anything written for submission to Forum should be sent to the following address:

Editor, English Teaching Forum
304 4th Street SW, Room 312
Washington, DC  20547
Fax:  202-401-1250


The Office of English Language Programs is pleased to offer the electronic journals Language and Civil Society and Language and Life Science to teachers of English as a foreign language. These journals contain ready-to-use lesson plans and are suitable for students at the intermediate level. Each chapter contains background information, classroom-ready activities, and related resources and references. Teachers are encouraged to download and use the lessons, adapting them to suit the need of their students.

• Language and Civil Society
• Language and Life Sciences