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Statements 2012

The United States Condemns the Public Execution of a Woman by the Taliban in Parwan

July 8, 2012

The United States joins the government of Afghanistan in condemning in the strongest possible terms the public execution of an Afghan woman, reportedly by the Taliban, in Parwan province. The protection of women’s rights is critical around the world, but especially in Afghanistan, where such rights were ignored, attacked and eroded under Taliban rule. This cold-blooded murder, carried out in front of a crowd and recorded on video, is an unambiguous reminder to the Afghan people and the international community of the brutality of the Taliban.   

We note that the government of Afghanistan has asked the provincial police to identify the perpetrators of this heinous crime and bring them to justice quickly.  The United States stands alongside the Afghan government, the Afghan people, and especially the women of Afghanistan, to ensure that the hard-won gains made by women in the last 10 years are not only protected, but advanced. The United States is committed to supporting the Afghan government, NGOs, and the international community to increase awareness of women’s rights, to prevent and prosecute acts of violence against women, and to ensure that those responsible for such barbaric acts are brought to justice.