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Solicitation announcements

Current business opportunities – GENERAL SERVICE OFFICE (GSO), PROCUREMENT, Kabul

Solicitation Number Solicitation Title Date of Issuance Closing Date
PR3903192 Transportation of Vehicles from Mazar to Kabul November 20, 2014 November 30, 2014
PR3903716 Crane & Flatbed Truck Rental November 23, 2014 November 30, 2014
PR3903152  Custom Made Curtains with Installation Color Tan November 22, 2014 November 30, 2014
PR3889966  Warehouse Expendables Maintenance Electrical Supplies November 23, 2014 November 30, 2014
PR3816706 Supply and Delivery of Expendable Supplies

November 23, 2014 November 27, 2014
PR3909297 Electrical Material Best Quality November 24, 2014 December 01, 2014
PR3888976  High Quality Plumbing Parts  November 24, 2014 November 30, 2014
PR3903091  Electrical Material Best Quality Including Shipping and Delivery November 24, 2014 December 06, 2014
PR3923182  Supply and Delivery of electrical Materials

November 26 2014 December 02, 2014

Current business opportunities – International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL), Kabul

Solicitation Number Solicitation Title Date of Issuance Closing Date
PR3781112  Procurement of Hesco                                                    
November 12, 2014 December 12, 2014

Steps to bid on U.S.Government Contracts: 

Once you click on particular solicitation announcement, you will get an electronic package of the same on your screen that will contain all the specifications of the project.  The following items will be there:

  • Cover Letter (if applicable) - with the points of contact and e-mail address to arrange a site visit (if applicable) plus the submission / due date for all bids.
  • Statement of Work (If applicable) - which will describe the actual work to be performed with specifications, drawings and other details (whichever is applicable to announcement).
  • Standard Form 1442 - You will place the name of your company and the total amount on the relevant boxes (Section 14 through 20).  This form also includes the number of days required to complete the work/project.

Please be noted that in all cases when work is carried out on our premises, an application for security clearance will always be required for any individual that is not already cleared by our Regional Security Office. While this form is not necessary for the submission package, it will however be required once the bid is awarded.

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