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Job Opportunities

These positions are currently open for local applications. If you are interested in positions for U.S. Citizens, Click Here.

Click here to download DS-174 Employment Application Form

Positions Based in Kabul Province
Position VA Number Deadline Date
Investigator (FSN-09) (PDF 130KB) 15-034 April 06,2015
Auto Body Repairer and Refinisher (FSN-04) (PDF 130KB) 15-051 April 05,2015
HVAC Technician (FSN-05) (PDF 130KB) 15-040 April 05,2015 
Cultural Affairs Specialist (FSN-10) (PDF 130KB) 15-049 April 03,2015 
Electro Mechanical Foreman (FSN-07) (PDF 130KB) 15-048 March 31, 2015
Administrative Clerk (FSN-04) (PDF 130KB) 15-045 March 31, 2015
Travel Expeditor (FSN-06) (PDF 130KB) 15-044 March 31, 2015
Travel Assistant (FSN-07) (PDF 130KB) 15-041 March 31, 2015
Truck Driver (FSN-04) (PDF 130KB) 15-047 March 31, 2015
Residence Manager (PDF 130KB) 14-149 Open till filled
Information Resources Center (IRC) Assistant (FSN-08) (PDF 300KB) 14-119 Open till filled
Regional Security Technician (FSN-07) (PDF 170KB) 14-117 Open till filled
Bodyguard (FSN-05) (PDF 140KB) 14-075 Open till filled
Bodyguard Unit Assistant Supervisor (FSN-07) (PDF 140KB) 14-080 Open till filled
Surveillance Detection Guard  (FSN-04) (PDF 85KB) 13-229 Open till filled
Supervisory Security Investigator  (FSN-09) (PDF 189KB) 13-144 Open till filled
Security Investigator  (FSN-08) (PDF 189KB) 13-141 Open till filled
Positions Based in Herat Province
Position VA Number Deadline Date
Currently No Vacancies Available.

Positions Based in Balkh Province
Position VA Number Deadline Date
Currently No Vacancies Available.

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