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Frequently Asked Questions

United States Embassy, Kabul, Afghanistan Holidays

The following are the American (US) and Afghan (Af) holidays to be observed by Embassy Kabul in 2013.

January 1 (US) Tuesday New Year's Day
January 20* (US) Sunday Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
January 24** (AF) Thursday Prophet's Birthday
February 17* (US) Sunday Washington's Birthday
March 21 (AF) Thursday Nawrooz (Afghan New Year - 1392)
April 28 (AF) Sunday Victory Day
May 26* (US) Sunday Memorial Day
July 4 (US) Thursday Independence Day
July 11** (AF) Thursday First Day of Ramadan
August 10-12** (AF) Saturday - Monday Eid ul-Fitr
August 19 (AF) Sunday Afghan Independence Day
September 1* (US) Sunday Labor Day
September 9 (AF) Monday Martyrdom of National Hero
October 13* (US) Sunday Columbus Day
October 16-19** (AF) Wednesday-Saturday Eid-e Qurban
November 11 (US) Monday Veterans Day
November 15 (AF) Thursday 10th of Muharram (Ashura)
November 28 (US) Thursday Thanksgiving Day
December 25 (US) Wednesday Christmas Day


*    American holidays marked with an asterisk (*) are observed on a different day than in the US.

**  Afghan holidays marked with double asterisks (**) are based on the Islamic Calendar and depend on sightings of the moon.  As a holiday approaches, adjustments to this schedule may be made based on local practice and Afghan government announcements. 

*** Afghan holidays marked with triple asterisks (***) are observed one day earlier.