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Frequently Asked Questions

United States Embassy, Kabul, Afghanistan Holidays

The following are the American (US) and Afghan (AF) holidays to be observed by Embassy Kabul in 2016.




December 31

(US) Thursday

New Year's Day

January 17

(US) Sunday

Martin Luther King's Birthday

February 14

(US) Sunday

President's Day

March 21

(AF) Monday

Afghan New Year (Nawroz)

April 28

(AF) Thursday

Afghan Victory Day

May 29

(US) Sunday

Memorial Day

June 5*

(AF) Sunday

First Day of Ramadan

July 4

(US) Monday

Independence Day

July 5-7*

(AF) Tues - Thurs


August 19

(AF) Friday

Afghan Independence Day

September 4

(US) Sunday

Labor Day

September 9

(AF) Friday

Martyrs and Ahmad Shah Masoud Day

Sep 14-16*

(AF) Wed - Fri


October 9

(US) Sunday

Columbus Day

October 11

(AF) Tuesday

10th of Muharram (Ashura)

November 10

(US) Thursday

Veterans' Day

November 24

(US) Thursday

Thanksgiving Day

December 12*

(AF) Monday

Prophet's Birthday

December 25

(US) Sunday

Christmas Day



*These Afghan holidays are based on the Islamic calendar and depend on sightings of the moon.  The exact dates of the holiday are subject to GIRoA announcements.